IP addresses and domains


On April 8th 2024, we are updating our IPs for the Shippo API domains.

Under most circumstances, this will have no impact on you and your merchants and no changes are required by you.

In a small number of cases, if custom traffic filters have been created by your team for Shippo API access, they will need to be updated before this date. If you have applied custom traffic filters, API calls to Shippo may fail if the new IP range is not allowed.

To test if you may be impacted by this change, run the following command from your network.

curl -o /dev/null -s -w "%{http_code}\n" https://goshippo.com

If 200 response is returned, no further action is required. If any other response is returned, you may need to update your custom traffic filters.

Refer to the IP Addresses section for the list of updated IP addresses.

Domain names

For your integration to work with the Shippo API, it must be able to communicate with our qualified domain names. Depending on how your integration operates, you may need to add them to an allowlist. The following list of domain names may be used to communicate with the Shippo API.


IP addresses

The IP addresses that the Shippo API may resolve to are listed in the Cloudflare IP Ranges guide.

Webhook IP addresses

Refer to our Webhook security guide for details on IP addresses used by our webhooks.