Use this guide to integrate Shippo Shipping Elements into your website.


To learn about updates to Shippo Elements view the Shippo Elements changelog.

What is Shippo Shipping Elements?

Shippo Shipping Elements is a feature that you can use to add shipping directly into your website without developing the user interface or the code behind it.

This guide shows you how to enable Shippo Shipping Elements in your website. When your user presses a button you have created, a popup window appears that supports your user in purchasing a shipping label.

Shippo Shipping Elements user interface

Who is this for?

We have developed functionality for Shippo partners who want to offer shipping functionality to their users. If you run a website with users who need to ship items to their customers (like eBay), you can use Shippo Shipping Elements to integrate shipping directly into your site. This gives your users access to a shipping solution without leaving your site.

How do I use it?

This site guides through the details of how to integrate Shippo Shipping Elements into your website. At it's simplest, all you need to do is setup authentication and copy our provided code into your site to get the Shipping Elements working.

Your users can fulfill orders with the Shipping Elements from within your website.

Before using Shippo Shipping Elements:

  • Your user must create or login to their Shippo account
  • You must integrate with Shippo's authentication method to authorize your user

On your website:

  1. Your user can trigger label purchase workflow within the widget
  2. You can pass details of their order into the widget
  3. Shippo displays their order within the widget
  4. Your user can fulfill their order, adding details to generate, and compare rates among carriers
  5. Your user can purchase and download their label
  6. You are notified of the purchase and fulfillment information

Why would I use this?

Using Shippo Shipping Elements helps to integrate with Shippo experience immediately. Follow the steps in this guide to quickly and easily start using Shippo in your application. This means you spend less time worrying about how to integrate, and more time focusing on your product.


  • Create and buy shipping label
  • Add package dimensions and weight
  • Get shipping rates
  • Tracking
  • Shipping label refund
  • Manage addresses
  • Format labels and packing slips
  • View billing and invoices
  • Print shipping label and packing slip