Elements release notes


To learn about updates to Shippo API view the Shippo API release notes.

Mar 15 2024 v3.1.0

  • DHL Express have updated their shipping requirements. To support our users to continue to use DHL Express, we've update Shipping Elements to include a new interface and flow for users to accept DHL's new terms and conditions.
  • We've updated the Shipping Elements interface for users enabling the carrier Canada Post.

Jan 23 2023 v3.0.5

  • We've fixed a bug where previously pressing the back button in your address book caused an unexpected behavior.

Dec 01 2023 v3.0.3

  • We've made changes to the Elements user interface to improve rates and orders pages.

Sep 20 2023 v2.3.0

  • Soon, USPS will require sender addresses include a valid email address and phone number for each shipment. To keep our users compliant, we've updated Shipping Elements to check for a valid email address and phone number before purchasing a USPS label. Shipping Elements directs users to update their address if these details are missing.
  • We've fixed a bug where previously, for some international addresses, our address autocomplete was not functioning as expected and causing address validation to fail.

Sep 14 2023 v2.2.0

  • We've expanded our cross-border shipping in Shipping Elements to include international shipping from all locations.
  • We have updated the UI to improve the error message that Shipping Elements displays for authorization errors.

Aug 31 2023 v2.1.2

  • Shipping Elements now includes XCover as Shippo's new shipping insurance provider.
  • We've expanded our cross-border shipping in Shipping Elements to include international shipping from Canada.

Aug 16 2023 v2.1.0

  • We've fixed a bug where in certain situations Shipping Elements did not retrieve the from address and return address correctly.

Aug 14 2023 v2.0.0

  • Elements now supports shipping hazardous materials.
  • We've updated some of the styling used on our package details in the Shipping Elements interface.
  • Cross-border shipping has now been enabled for Shipping Elements supporting international shipping from the US.
  • We've added checks to ensure weights are included for customs items.
  • We've added commercial invoices to Shipping Elements.

Aug 11 2023 v1.6.0

  • We found a bug where in specific situations duplicate orders could be created. That bug is now fixed.

Aug 01 2023 v1.5.4

  • We've fixed a bug in our UI where in specific situations the Next button was displayed incorrectly.

Jul 11 2023 v1.5.2

  • We've updated the styling for address book.

Jun 30 2023 v1.5.1

  • Elements now supports USPS Hazmat classification.

Jun 27 2023 v1.5.0

  • Elements now supports address validation of the addresses saved in the address book.
  • We've fixed a bug with address book where an older address was being used incorrectly.

Jun 08 2023 v1.4.0

  • Elements now includes an address book. Users can edit, add, delete addresses.
  • We've updated weight unit defaults based on a user's location.

May 25 2023 v1.3.2

  • We've fixed a bug where the wrong logo was displayed for carrier packages.

May 22 2023 v1.3.1

  • We've added a "Choose Package" page where users can select carrier packages and recently used packages.
  • Elements users can now delete package templates that they have created.
  • Elements users can use their defaults for weight and dimension units when adding package details to an order.

May 03 2023 v1.3.0

  • We've added search to the "Choose Package" page making it easier for users to find the package they want to use.
  • We've added the option to add a new package template to the "Choose Package" page.

Apr 26 2023 v1.2.0

  • We've fixed a bug where the automatic insurance option was causing an error.

Apr 17 2023 v1.1.0

  • We've fixed a bug where invalid addresses were not displayed as invalid.
  • Elements now selects a default rate. The user can use this rate or select other rates available to them.
  • Elements users can now purchase labels using an invalid address. Before purchasing, users will be prompted to confirm their decision.
  • Elements users can now ship domestically in Spain using carrier Correos.
  • Elements users can now ship domestically in France using carrier Colissimo.

Apr 05 2023 v1.0.0

  • Elements now includes an insurance settings view
  • Elements now includes options to change labels and packaging slips.

Mar 31 2023 v0.0.47

  • We've improved the feedback from address validation to direct users to fix issues with the addresses they have provided.
  • We've added a company info settings page where you can display information about your own company that will be used on your packing slips, tracking pages, and emails for your customers.

Mar 23 2023 v0.0.46

  • Elements now includes a warning message indicating a selected rate has changed after adding insurance and/or signature confirmation.
  • A bug has been fixed where negative numbers could be added to the insurance field.
  • We've added address validation to Elements.
  • We've added a feature that all ELements users with US to US shipments will see the option to add insurance.

Mar 16 2023 v0.0.45

  • We fixed a bug where users saw incorrect insurance offerings.

Mar 13 2023 v0.0.43

  • We've fixed a bug where a user could purchase a label before new rates were retrieved.

Mar 10 2023 v0.0.42

  • We fixed a bug where an error was created when adding options for insurance or required signature

Mar 10 2023 v0.0.41

  • We've made some changes to the look and feel of Elements
  • We've fixed a bug where removing signature confirmation from purchase summary card inline also removed remove insurance

Mar 03 2023 v0.0.40

  • We've added an option for user to add insurance at the time of purchase.
  • We've added a purchase summary to Element. Now, before purchasing a label, users will see a summary.
  • Elements now supports the addition of signature confirmation. When this is selected, received packages will require a signature from the recipient.
  • Elements can now be used in a white label configuration where all billing is managed by the site owner and all Shippo logos can be hidden.

Feb 13 2023 v0.0.38

  • We've added new messaging to inform users who are shipping outside of a supported region to inform them that the region is not supported.
  • We fixed a bug for users in Germany where DHL was not displayed as a shipping option.

Feb 06 2023 v0.0.37

  • We've added support for USPS First-Class Package/Mail Parcel

Jan 19 2023 v0.0.35

  • Elements now supports generating return labels at time of purchase for carriers that support that feature.

Dec 22 2022 v0.0.34

  • We fixed a bug to only display relevant carriers for cross-border shipments.
  • We've improved our messaging to show carrier warning messages for failed rates.
  • To support shipping to a German address, we've added checks to ensure the 2-character abbreviation has been added.
  • We've added better messaging to support failed transactions so users can correct the issue or ask for help.

Dec 12 2022 v0.0.30

  • We've improved the address fields in Elements to support German and UK addresses
  • We've updated Elements to support intra EU from Germany using Deutsche Post and DPD. Wealso added support for UK domestic shipment with DPD & Evri.

Nov 29 2022 v0.0.28

  • We've improved the process flow for Elements. Users can now revise labels with bad fields, make changes, and purchase revised labels.

Nov 15 2022 v0.0.26

  • We've improved interactions with rates in Elements. You can now select and deselect rates in the interface.

Nov 08 2022 v0.0.25

  • We've made up updates to improve the look and feel of Elements user interface