Designing Your Shipping Solution

It is tempting to build a very minimal shipping integration and determine user demands from there. Shippo’s research has shown that this often leads to less than desired adoption rates. With almost a decade of experience in the online shipping industry Shippo recommends the following as a minimum set of functionality at launch. These functions fall into two categories: Order Fulfillment, the ability to buy a label and ship a parcel for an order, and Administration, functionality needed to manage payments, carriers, and other administrative functions.

  • Label Generation
    • Rate Shopping
    • Single Label Purchase
    • Batch Label Purchase
    • International Label Purchase and Customs Forms
    • Refunding an unused label
    • Creating return labels
    • Tracking
    • Split Shipments
    • Create a Manifest or Scan form
  • Administration
    • Carrier account management
    • Webhook Management
    • Parcel Template Management
    • Address Management
    • Payment Account Management
    • Shipment Transaction History

In the section that follows we will explore the use cases and user stories associated with the above features.