Sandbox testing

A sandbox environment is a place for you to build and test your Shippo integration without affecting your production environment. Shippo does not provide a dedicated sandbox. We recommend setting up a dedicated Shippo account and using that as your sandbox. Because there is no charge for additional Shippo accounts this is the easiest way to structure a testing environment. You can also use this account for further testing as development continues after the integration launches.

We recommended that this account is attached to a distribution list or alias, like

Depending on how your team works, individual developers could also get their own account.

Test API Token vs Live API Token

For a majority of the testing an integration partner will need a Test API Token can be used. This will prevent the purchase of actual labels and simulate label generation and other functions. Test tokens do have limitations when it comes to:

  • Retrieving real rates
  • Manifesting
  • Tracking
  • Address validation

Live API tokens should be used for final testing before a launch and will allow a partner to complete real world end to end testing, including purchase, tracking, and refunding of live labels.

Carrier testing

Much like general testing a test API token can assist with generic testing of carriers. However, a test token can not be relied on for accurate rating because they do not always call the carrier for live rates and use placeholder rates. To test rates and rate cards use a live API token and simply do not purchase the labels or request refunds. Refunds do not cancel labels but will request a refund which can take up to 14 days.

Carrier test mode

Carriers can be placed in test mode in the web application for testing. This will prevent purchase of live labels and should be used with caution on live accounts as the carrier is disabled from label purchase.


At present, FedEx does not support test mode and requires a FedEx account specifically setup for testing. Contact your FedEx account manager for support in setting up a FedEx test account.